School-aged Homeschool Groups and Individual Programs

​All of our programs are taught with differentiated instruction, kinesthetic learning, and total physical response techniques to insure engagement and inclusion for all!

Canyon Kids Club! For kids ages 6-8 and 9-11:

​Nature Explorers and Adventurers!
We offer small group field trips to our local coastal and inland wilderness areas! The curriculum is Core Standards (Physical Education and Science - Life, Earth, and Physical Science) and experientially-based, however it is flexible, tailored to meet individual needs, and designed intentionally in collaboration with student inspiration and interests, encouraging innovation, teamwork, responsibility, community service, preservation, and scientific inquiry. Children develop executive functioning skills through small group and individual problem-solving, flexibility, creativity, and critical thinking challenges while learning social and environmental stewardship, making life-long friendships, and having amazing adventures discovering the beauty and gifts of our natural areas! Number and length of field trips are scheduled based on the needs of the group and scheduling availability.

Health, Wellness, and Movement Program - I like to move it move it!
This is a fun, interactive, social, health, wellness, and movement small group program! Children work on physical skills, such as balance and coordination, as well as social skills, while also learning about health and wellness. This is a multi-sensory Physical Education program that addresses California's 5 Core Physical Education Standards in the areas of: Motor and Movement (body awareness, locomotion patterns, manipulative skills, and rhythmicity); Health and Physical Fitness (strength, endurance, flexibility, basic concepts of anatomy and nutrition); and Social Skills (self-responsibility, group dynamics, and teamwork). The program also addresses California Health Education Core Standards in the following areas: Nutrition and Physical Activity; Growth and Development; Injury Prevention and Safety; Mental, Emotional, and Social Health; and Personal and Community Health. The program also emphasizes the importance of developing personal health, friendships, and care for the environment and community. Number, length, and location of each session is scheduled based on the needs of the individual/small group and scheduling availability.

​Social Skills, Executive Functioning, and Self-Regulation Program
Some children have challenges with focus, attention, or regulating their emotional responses. As a result, interacting with peers can sometimes become difficult whether in structured academic or athletic settings requiring teamwork to understand, problem-solve, and complete a task together, or in less structured settings, such as out on the playground or during sleepovers, where ideas and sharing become more dynamic and fluid. Both structured and unstructured settings require varied types of executive functioning skills impacting attention, problem-solving, motor planning, and emotional regulation to navigate social interactions in order to be a happy and successful partner, team mate, and friend. This is a fun program that combines motor planning and problem-solving challenges, such as building and executing an obstacle course together with a peer, while developing personal insight in becoming responsible for one's thoughts, feelings, and actions. Cognitive-Behavioral, sensory, and self-regulation strategies utilizing Mindfulness concepts, "The Zones of Regulation" curriculum, and developing body awareness and coordination, will be covered in the program in order to address the underlying needs impacting behaviors that lead to positive social engagement and lifelong friendships. Number, length, and location of each session is scheduled based on the needs of the individual/small group and scheduling availability.

​K-5 Handwriting Program - Handwriting Without Tears!

This is a fun, multi-sensory program that combines music, movement, and art while addressing handwriting concepts for individual or small group sessions for children in kindergarten through 5th grade! To prepare the body for fine motor activities, we work on foundational gross motor skills such as posture, positioning, and ability to grade pressure, as well as focus and attention. When the mind and body are settled, focused, and prepared for learning, we address fine and visual/perceptual motor skills including letter formation, reversals, directionality, and positional concepts, as well as bilateral skills and correct pencil grip. A combination of cognitive-behavioral and multi-sensory activities will teach children strategies to be successful not only with handwriting, but with other refined visual and fine motor activities. Program includes gross and sensory-motor activities to prepare the body and mind for learning and engagement. Number, length, and location of each session is scheduled based on the needs of the individual/small group and scheduling availability. ​

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