Canyons to the Sea OT - Nurturing Unique Occupational Therapy Experiences with Families Across Orange County, CA

Deborah Graves, OTD, OTR/L practices occupational therapy that is meaningful to the child and the family! 

About Canyons to the Sea OT

Welcome to Canyons to the Sea OT, where we help families heal and thrive....together! Canyons to the Sea OT offers in-home, clinic, community, nature, and adventure-based occupational therapy services.  

​Established in 2014 by Deborah Graves, OTD, OTR/L, Canyons to the Sea OT is an occupational therapy practice in Orange County, CA that focuses on whole-child development, child-directed treatment, play-based learning, and building healthy, happy relationships. Research indicates that children learn through observation, exploration, and experimentation. Through her relationship-oriented model of therapy, Deborah designs, creates, and utilizes naturally occurring opportunities that facilitate self-regulation, joint attention, and joint engagement - all of which are
elements of secure bonding and attachment within relationships - the foundational precursors for observation, exploration, and experimentation needed to learn new skills.

Depending on the needs of the child and family, "Canyon Therapy" may include time at "Hinterland Clinic" addressing foundational sensory, motor, and self-regulation goals through our specially designed, sensory integrative and multisensory snoezelen rooms. It could also include learning about nutrition while gardening and picking fruit from our orchard or going on an adventure exploring at a nearby bird sanctuary and nature center. 
Hinterland, nestled in beautiful Modjeska Canyon, is conveniently located only minutes from urban areas of southeast Orange County. Hinterland is a hidden gem, surrounded by nature, fresh air, and mountains, where families can get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life and find rest and peace during their child's occupational therapy session. 

For those super busy weeks, we also come to you! In addition to "Canyon Therapy," we also offer sessions in your home and out in the community in order to work on transference of skills to all areas and environments of importance to you and your family. 

Building healthier, happier, more hope-filled lives "together" is not only about the therapist-family relationship, but also about building community among families. Therefore, Canyons to the Sea also hosts a variety of music and movement, support, and recreational group activities and programs at various locations throughout Orange County. 

Be it in Hinterland, in your home, a park, or the beach, Canyons to the Sea OT is here to help build healthier, happier, and more hope-filled lives...together!