Canyons to the Sea OT - Fostering Unique Occupational Therapy Experiences with Families Across Orange County, CA

​​​​Family outings in Dana Point tide pools, Laguna Beach,  and Laguna Coast Wilderness Park: Social skills, self-regulation, exploration, problem-solving, bilateral coordination, crossing midline, postural control, core strengthening... FUN!

Nature and Adventure Therapy: Let's explore together!

Nature and Adventure Therapy focuses on pursuing health and well-being in the outdoors through facilitating "just right" fine and gross motor challenges, family fun, stress reduction, and successful outings in less structured settings. Research indicates that exposure to nature helps to decrease stress and increase calming influences on the nervous system. These types of effects may help to promote restoration of tissues and prevent degenerative effects of stress - something extremely important to families of kids with special needs! These experiences present opportunities to problem-solve in new situations and expand learning in new and exciting ways! During these sessions, we may shop at a farmers market, visit some of our local nature centers, explore natural areas, such as our beaches, tide pools, the back bay, or local nature trails in coastal or inland wilderness areas! We may visit historic sites, find treasures on an "archaeological dig" or geocaching, or even go sailing and whale watching! Basically we go (pretty much) any place in the outdoors that you and your family wish to enjoy being together! We problem-solve ways to create successful outings and happy memories with family while addressing functional fine and gross motor skills, balance, coordination, and core stability, among other motor skills, while learning self-regulation, social, and relationship skills!