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multi-sensory Arctic Wonderland Room


multi-sensory Tropical Jungle Room

​​Clinic Therapy: Welcome to Hinterland!


1. the often uncharted areas beyond a coastal district or a river's banks.
2. an area lying beyond what is visible or known.

​​Our "Hinterland Clinic" has a tri-fold meaning to the name.  The name Hinterland was chosen due to its physical location nestled within the beautiful inland coastal hills of Modjeska Canyon, CA.; the type of therapy the clinic is geared towards when addressing the often felt and lived experiences of "uncharted territories" of the needs of our clients; and the inspiration and invitation to explore and discover new things "beyond that which is visible or known" - to both the children and the parents! Hinterland is intentionally designed to facilitate a decreased stress response in order to increase engagement, focus, attention, and successful problem-solving while working on common functional occupational therapy goals. Evidence-based research in neuroscience indicates that some children with special needs also have difficulty regulating their stress response. Atypical levels of stress have been associated with poor cognitive performance, self-care skills, immune response, and atypical social development. Such deficits could impact a child’s physical, social, and emotional health.  However, the research also indicates that cool colors of greens, blues, and purples, nature-themed elements, peaceful music, and certain aromas, can have a calming and healing effect on our physiology. In fact, many hospitals are now designing spaces with these elements in mind. Hinterland utilizes this therapeutic and calming design model through two multi-sensory, or "snoezelen," rooms. The Tropical Jungle Room, a jungle and ocean-themed wonderland, is a fine and gross motor therapy gym that combines the calming effects of a "comfort room" while enhancing the ability to work on functional fine, gross, visual, oral, and sensory-motor skills in an environment that facilitates calm and engaging exploration due to its design elements of nature-themes, cool colors, certain aromas, and a state-of-the-art surround sound system. Our Arctic Wonderland utilizes soothing lights, music, sounds from nature, and other sensory elements offering a therapeutic experience for children to explore and engage in a further calming manner. Both therapy rooms are in a home setting providing a cozy, warm, and welcoming atmosphere. Additionally, nearly every toy at Hinterland has a "face" in order to create opportunities for social skills development and to increase understandings of self and others.​

COMING SOON! Custom designed, built, and installed modular climbing wall to accommodate multiple (youth) age levels and abilities in our Tropical Jungle Room!!