Adult Services

Individual, Couples, and Group:

All child sessions are parent participation and therefore include intensive, hands-on, experiential training, education, and empowerment. Additional support, education, and training for couples and small groups of parents of children with special needs is also available. Topics may range from bedtime strategies to understanding the neuroscience of sensory modulation disorder, to everything in-between! We also offer two semi-structured educational series on understanding stress patterns, impacts on bonding and relationships, and practices within marriages and parenting that promote healing within couples and families. Discussions in these educational series are guided by two DVD seminars: "How We Love: A Revolutionary Approach to Deeper Connections in Marriage" (9 week series) and "How We Love Our Children: The 5 Love Styles of Parenting - One Small Change in You...One Big Change in Your Kids" (10 week series) by Milan Yerkovich, MA, and Kay Yerkovich, MS, MFT. 

Supplemental Support Services for PTSD, Anxiety, Stress, and Inner Child Work: 

Sessions may include Canyon Therapy, time in the Hinterland Clinic, or Therapeutic Listening (see Services Offered). Adults who are struggling with issues related to addiction, early childhood trauma, or general anxiety have expressed that spending time in the Tropical Jungle or Arctic Wonderland Rooms at Hinterland have helped them in their process of healing and recovery. They have gotten in touch with parts of themselves of which they had previously been unaware and felt relaxed, refreshed, and restored. After spending time in nature during Canyon Therapy or completing the Therapeutic Listening series others have shared feeling a sense of calm and well-being. This therapy is considered supplemental support and therefore needs be pursued in conjunction with therapeutic services of a licensed mental health practitioner such as a psychologist, LMFT, LCSW, etc. to assist you further in your continued healing and recovery.

Wellness Partnering:

Feeling restless, discouraged, stagnated, or searching for purpose? Do you desire a sense of improved well-being and vitality? During "Wellness Partnering" sessions we look at the areas of your life where you feel blocked, then together we'll search for life patterns that may have led to your current situation of feeling stuck, we explore an appreciation of the valleys and lessons to be learned, embrace gentleness, forgiveness, and transformation where needed, and discover paths that lead out of discouragement to hope and renewal. Sessions take place in an environment of your choosing - where you feel most at home and comfortable. Some clients enjoy a walk on the beach, an easy hike to a beautiful vista point, having a cup of coffee at a harbor cafe, or enjoying a fruit smoothie by the pool. Wellness Partnering involves sharing, listening, doing - and at times just being. Together we explore mindfulness practices and ways to incorporate wellness routines into your life that are meaningful to you.

Healing Spaces - In-home Consultation:

We provide consultation for home modifications to create "healing spaces" and sensory strategies for self-regulation, mindfulness practices, meditation, and a place of calm for yourself, you and your spouse, or for your family.

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